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«Think 2» SB, WB, homework

«Think 2» SB, WB, homework

“Think 2” Student’s book – p.17,18


Present perfect vs. past simple

Look back at the review on page 16. Which questions can you answer with a specific point in time? Then complete the rules with present perfect or past simple.

1. When did Daniel write his first book?

Daniel wrote his first book when he was five years old.

2. When did he sign a £60.000 contract?

He has just signed a £60.000 contract.

3. When did Samantha start piano lessons?

Samantha started piano lessons when she was three years old.

4. When did she play with orchestra?

She has already played with orchestras.

Complete the pairs of sentences. Use the past simple and the present of the verbs.

1. Win

a. He has already won three gold medals, and he hopes to win more.

b. He won a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics.

2. Meet

a. My mum has met a lot of interesting people in her life.

b. My mum met Prince Harry ten years ago.

3. Do

a. Mum, I have already done my homework. Can I go out?

b. I did all the things on my to-do list before lunch!

4. Record

a. They recorded their last album two years ago.

b. They have recorded more than 20 albums so far.

5. Live

a. We lived in Samoa for three years when I was a teenager.

b. We’re living in Austria now, but we have lived in many different countries.

6. Sign

a. She has just signed a contract with a new e-publishing company.

b. She signed the contract for her first book on her 16th birthday.



Circle all the correct answers.

1. Which of these can you sign?

a. a contract

b. an autograph

c. a lesson

2. Which of these can you write?

a. a novel

b. a party

c. a song

3. Which of these things can you do?

a. a good time

b. a degree

c. something

4. Which of these things can you win?

a. a prize

b. a competition

c. an exhibition

5. Which of these can you make?

a. friends

b. a cake

c. homework

6. Which of these can you miss?

a. a future

b. your family

c. the bus

PHOTOSTORY: episode 1

The new café

1. Look at the photos and answer the questions.

There is going to be a new café in the park.

Who does Luke think should open it?

Luke thinks Paul Norris should open the café.

Who does Ryan think should open it?

Ryan thinks Paula Mayberry should open the café.

Workbook – p.11,12

Present perfect vs. past simple

Match the questions and answers.

0. Have you ever played volleyball? — b

1. Where did you play? — d

2. Did you enjoy it? — f

3. Were you good at it? — a

4. Has your team won anything? — c

5. Has your team been to different countries? — e

Complete the conversation. Use the present perfect or past simple and the information in brackets.

Peter: Mum, I’m bored. What can I do?

Mum: Have you finished your homework?

Peter: Yes, I finished it all last night.

Mum: Have you tidied your room?

Peter: Yes, I did it yesterday.

Mum: Have you taken the dog out?

Peter: Yes, I did it before lunch.

Mum: Have you washed your bike?

Peter: Yes, I washed it one Friday.

Mum: Did you phone Jim?

Peter: I phoned him this morning, but the didn’t answer.

Mum: Did you watch your new DVD?

Peter: Yes, I watched it last night.

Mum: Well, I don’t know. What about helping me with the washing up.

Peter: Erm… maybe not!

Complete the text. Use the present perfect or past simple of the verbs in the list. You can use some verbs more often than once.

My grandmother is 65 and has done a lot of things in her life. She was born in the country and lived on a small farm until she was sixteen. She has been in many different places, but she always says the farm was the best place of all. She didn’t finish school, because she started working when she was fifteen. She has worked many different jobs in her life — she was a children’s nurse, a dressmaker and a shop assistant among other things. She worked in a very expensive shop in London for several years. She stopped working after she got married. She had five children and she looked after the house. Grandma loves new things. She has just bought a laptop, but she hasn’t learnt how to send emails yet. I’m going to her house to help her now.


Present perfect with just, already and yet.

Learners often make word order errors with just, already and yet. Correct the following sentences.

1. My brother has yet not had a summer job. ✖

My brother has not had a summer job yet.

2. I already have learned to drive. ✖

I have already learned to drive.

3. My friends and I have been just on holiday. ✖

My friends and I have just been on holiday.

4. Have you yet bought your mum a birthday present? ✖

Have you bought your mum a birthday present yet?

5. The singer has released already five albums. ✖

The singer has already released five albums.

6. I just have finished writing my blog for this week. ✖

I have just finished writing my blog for this week.

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