Рубрика: English


Change the sentences to reported speech!

1.Mary informed me that she would play a card game the next day.

2. Sophie said that she had gone to bed early last night.

3. The teacher told Jenny that she had to learn her grammar.

4. Jessica told the immigration officer that that was her first trip to England.

5. He told me that I am the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

6. Marty said that she was going to visit her uncle the following month.

7. Lara said that she got on with her parents really fine.

8. Gloria explained that she couldn’t come to the party because she was going away for the weekend.

9. Mark said that his friend had found a new job in the music business.

10. Judy complained that she had already written that essay four times .

11. Peter announced that he wouldn’t give up until that factory was shut down.

12. Her boyfriend told her that she had bought a wonderful dress.

13. Paul said that he didn’t like his new flat.

14. My father told Ben, “I am sure I saw you here last week.

15. My father told Ben that he was sure he had seen me there the week before.

16. Betty said that if she had known answer, she would tell me.

Change to reported speech.

1.The boy asked the tour guide, “Where is the main tourist office? “

The boy asked the tour guide where the main tourist office was.

2. The police officer said, “Get out of the car !

The police officer ordered the boys to get out of the car.

3. The woman asked,” How long have you worked as a tour guide ?”

The woman wanted to know how long I had worked as a tour guide.

4. He said, “Come to me !

He told me to come to him.

5. I asked the waiter,” When is dinner served ?”

 I asked the waiter when dinner was served.

6. The old lady asked the policeman, “Is there a shopping centre nearby?”

The old lady wanted to know if there was a shopping centre nearby.

7. Dad asked,” Did you find my glasses ?”

Dad asked me if I had found his glasses.

8. He said to his son, “Don’t be afraid !”

 He told his son not to be afraid.

9. Dad advised us “, You should always wear a helmet when you ride a bike!”

 Dad advised us to wear a helmet when we rode a bike.

10. The biologist wondered, “What kind of marine animals are there in the park”?

 The biologist wondered what kind of marine animals where there in the park.

11. The journalist asked, “Have you published any interesting stories yet?”

The journalist wanted to know if I had published any interesting stories .

12. He said to her, “I may not be able to meet you at the airport.”

 He told her he might not be able to meet her at the airport.

13. She said, “Let’s go out !”

She suggested going out.

14. The doctor told her, “Don’t get up until Sunday!”

The doctor told her not to get up until Sunday.

15. The girl said, “Please don’t tell my parents “!

The girl begged the teacher not to tell her parents.

16. She asked, “Can I go tomorrow?”

 She asked if she could go the next day.

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