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“Think 2” Student’s book– p. 13

“Think 2” Student’s book– p. 13

6. There are eight words in bold in the texts. Match the words with these meanings. Write the words.

1. Is usually happy — cheerful

2. Is very easy-going — laid-back

3. Has very original ideas — creative

4. Looks for the good in all situations — positive

5. Is very good at doing something — talented

6. Doesn’t get scared easily — brave

7. Is very easy to like — charming

7. Complete the sentences with the words from Exercise 6.

1. He stood up in the front of the whole school and read out his poem. He was really brave.

2. She’s very charming and it’s easy to see why she’s got so many friends.

3. He’s so laid-back that some people think he’s a bit lazy.

4. Have you seen him doing ballet? He really is a talented dancer.

5. If you want to work in advertising, you need to be creative and come up with really good ideas.

6. My dad is really active around the house. He’s always cooking or fixing things or working in the garden.

7. He’s had a really difficult life but he’s really positive about the future.

Think values

Human qualities

Think about someone who is not famous but who you think is special.

a. Think of three adjectives to describe them.

Loyal, funny and creative.

b. Think about why you chose these adjectives.

Loyal — I chose loyal, because no matter what happens she will always be by my side and support me in any situation.

Funny — She has a very good sense of humor and we have a lot of fun together.

Creative — She loves writing and is very good at it. She always comes up with the most interesting ways of putting her thoughts in her writings and always has very good ideas.