Рубрика: English

Homework. 17.05.2021

Workbook p. 47-49
P. 47-48

p. 49
Making music

1.Complete the text with the words in the list.
When Mick Jagger started a band called The Rolling Stones in 1962 with a few friends, he had no idea how successful they would become. The Stones recorded their first single, Come on, a song by the singer Chuck Berry, and released it on 7 June, 1963. They never performed it when they played gigs because it wasn’t their song. But their fans found out about the record, and so many people bought it that it entered the charts in the UK and went to number 21. Of course, in those days, fans had to go to record shops; they couldn’t jast download music from the Internet! Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote a lot of songs that became very famous. In 1964, The Rolling Stones went on their first tour of the US. When they came back, they had their first number one hit in the UK,. ‘It’s All Over Now’.

Musical instruments

2.Put the letters in order to make musical instruments.
The drums (sdmur) and the bass guitar (sabs aitugr) are responsible for the rhythm in a band.

The trumpet (rmutpte) and the saxophone (nxohpasoe) are wind instruments.

Keyboards (ysedbaokrs) are electronic instruments similar to a piano (laopn).

The violin (linvoi) and the guitar (griuat) are both examples of string unstruments.

3.Tick the sentences that true for you. Correct the oned that aren’t.
1.I never listen to jazz. √

I prefer pop to rock.

I like songs with good melodies. √

I don’t really like rap.

I never listen to the lyrics of a song.

4.Cirlce the correct option; A, B or C.





5.Match the questions and answers.

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