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Student’s book– p.9

In a restaurant

Read the sentences: Mark them W (waitress) or C (customer). Listen and check.

1. Can we see the menu, please? (C)

2. Is everything OK? (W)

3. There’s too much salt in the soup! (C)

4. The bill, please. (W)

5. A table for two? This way please. (W)

6. We’d both like the fish, please. And the soup to start. (C)

7. It’s very noisy here. There are too many people. (C)

8. Are you ready to order? (W)

Complete each phrase with much or many.

1. Too much sugar.

2. Too much salt.

3. Too many mushrooms.

4. Too much money.

5. Too many people.

6. Too many things on the menu.

Complete the mini-dialogues with a phrase from Exercise 2.

1. A: This soup is horrible.

B: I know! Too much salt

2. A: Ugh! I can’t drink this coffee.

B: I know! There’s too much sugar in it.

3. A: This pizza isn’t so good.

B: I know! I like mushrooms, but there are too many mushrooms on it!

4. A: This is horrible. We can’t talk.

B: I know! There are too many people here.

5. A: I don’t know what to choose.

B: I know! There are too many things on the menu.

6. A: Look! €30.00 for a pizza!!

B: I know! It’s too much money.


Look at the shops below. What things can you buy in each place? Think of as many things as you can

1. Newsagents — newspaper, magazines

2. Chemist’s — medicine

3. Bookshop — books, copybooks, pens

4. Clothes shop — clothes

5. Shoe shop — shoes

6. Post office — letters

7. Supermarket — food

8. Sports shop — sports clothing

Things you have to do

Workbook– p.8

Shops/Things you have to do

Look at the. Write the shops.

1 — Supermarket

2 — Clothing shop

3 — Post — office

Circle the correct words. Then match the sentences with the pictures from Exercise 1.

a. You have to put a stamp on it. — 3

b. You have to wait here. — 1

c. You have to try clothes on over there. — 2

d. You have to keep medicines away from children. — 0

What do these customer notices mean? Write sentences using have to or don’t have to.

1. «Please ask assistant before trying on clothes.

You should ask an assistant before you try any clothes on.

2. «Cash only — no credit or debit cards accepted.»

They only take cash and credit or debit cards aren’t accepted.

3. «We can deliver your shopping to your home».

They can bring the clothes you bought to your home.


Complete the conversations. Write one word in each space.

1. A. My pen’s broken.

B. Well, you don’t have to buy a new. You can use mine.

2. A. I’d like some olives, please. 250 grams.

B. OK, here you are. Anything else?

3. A. What’s the matter?

B. I don’t feel well. I’ve eaten too much food.


Plans and arrangements

Look at Mia’s diary. Write her plans for the day.

0. At 8 am she’s meeting Liam for breakfast.

1. After that she’s going to walk in park with Olivia.

2. At 1 pm she’s going to lunch with Mum and Dad.

3. Two hours later she is going to the dentist.

4. At 6 pm she’s going on a train to Manchester.

5. Finally, at 9 pm she’s going to watch a film with Paula.

Rea the sentences and write I (intension) or A (arrangement)

0. We’re having a coffee too. — A

1. I’m going to read during the journey — I

2. I’m going to have yogurt and cereal. — I

3. We’re meeting at the new restaurant in town. — A

4. I’m just having a check — up — I hope. — I

5. We’re seeing Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film — I can’t wait. — A

Write about four arrangements you’ve got for this week.

1) On October 31st I’m planning to celebrate Halloween at home with my cousin.

2) I’m planning to do all of the school work this week.

3) I’m planning to watch the Harry Potter movies with my family again.

4) I’m also planning to go for a walk.

Sports and sport verbs

Circle the correct words.

1. We went skiing last weekend.

2. My friends Alex goes rock climbing every weekend.

3. We have to do gymnastics on Fridays.

4. I hate tennis I never want to play it again.

5. Mum goes running every morning.

6. We go to the sports ground on Sundays to do some athletics.

7. Let’s go to the gym. We can do karate.

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