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“Think 2” Student’s book– p.11

Travel plans

1. Put the parts of the dialogue in order. Then listen and check.

1. Hey, Susanna. What time are you arriving on Friday?

2. 5:30 — I’m going to catch the four o’clock train from London. 

3. Oh dear, 5.30 is difficult for me. Is it ok if I don’t meet you at the station?

4. Of course. I can take a taxi. No problem.

5. Well, sometimes the train’s late. If it’s late, I’ll meet you. 

6. Ok, as soon as the train leaves London, I’ll send you a text message. 

7. Great idea. OK, see you soon. We’re going to have a lot of fun this weekend! 

8. I know. It’s going to be great!

2. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. If I miss the train, I will catch the next one.

2. If the train arrives late, I will take a taxi.

3. If there aren’t any taxis, I will walk to your place.

4. I’ll send you a text message when I get to the station.

5. As soon as I get to your place, we will start having a good time.

6. If we don’t have a good time, I won’t visit you again!

3. Lola travelled a lot last year. Complete the sentences with the past simple of the verbs in the list.

1. She missed the train in Munich.

2. She caught the train in Vietnam.

3. She flew to Rome.

4. She drove to Madrid.

5. She rode a bike in Athens.

4. Complete the sentences with be going to and the verbs in the list.

1. We don’t like flying so we are going take a train.

2. I want to go to New York. I am going to buy my ticket online.

3. My plane leaves at 6.00, so I am going to get up very early tomorrow.

4. We’ll only be in Paris for one day, so we are not going to visit any museums.

5. When we’re in London, we are going to visit my cousins.

6. We love Spanish food, so we are going to try all the best restaurants in Madrid!

5. Imagine you can take a holiday wherever you want, any time you want. Make notes about your plans.

  • Where you’re going to go to

I’m going to go to France. 

  • Where you’re going to stay

I’m going to stay at a hotel. 

  • How long your holiday is going to be

My holiday will be for two weeks.

  • What you’re going to do

See the Eiffel tower, go to museums, maybe go on a picnic outside. 

  • Who you’re going to go with 

I’m going to go with my cousin Tatev. 

  • What you’re going to eat

I’m going to eat croissants and fruits. 

  • What time of year you’re going to go


Workbook– p.9

Travel and plans

1. Match the sentence halves. 

1 — d

2 — a

3 — b

4 — c

5 — e

2. Write five sentences about the transport you use in your life. 

1. When I go home from school, I usually take the bus. 

2. When I go traveling, I usually take the train. 

3. When I go outside, I usually ride my bike. 

4. When we go on a road trip, we usually take the car. 

5. When we go on holiday, we usually fly. 

3. Complete the conversation with the words in the list. Then listen again and check. 

Ben: Are you going to have a holiday this year? 

Martha: Yes, We’re going to spend two weeks in Italy. 

Ben: Lucky you. Are you flying? 

Martha: No, we’re not. We’re taking the train. It’s going to be a real adventure. 

Ben: That sounds really exciting. 

Martha: Yes, in fact, we’re leaving next Monday. We’re taking a taxi to the station and then it’s the train all the way to Genoa. 

Ben: Are you ready to go? 

Martha: Almost. I’m driving to town tomorrow to do a few last-minute things. 

Ben: Like what? 

Martha: Well, I’m going to buy some more summer clothes and then I need to go to the post office. 

Ben: The post office? Why? 

Martha: I’ve got to get a new passport. 

Ben: A passport! You can’t just get a passport that quickly. 

Martha: Oh. Can’t you? 


Complete the email. Write one word in each space.

Hi Jack, 

You know our school volleyball team won the local championship last year, right? Well this month we’re playing teams from other cities in the UK. 

Next Saturday, we’re playing against a team in Scotland. It’s a long way, so we aren’t taking the train — we’re flying there! I’ve never been on a plane before, so I’m really excited. 

I’m going to stay in Scotland until Monday. On Sunday, I hope to do some rock climbing. There are some great places for it up there. My friend Steve wants to goskiing, but I don’t think there’s enough snow. 

I’ll write when we come back and tell you all about it. 



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