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Present perfect vs. Past simple

1. Look back at the review on page 16. Which questions can you answer with a specific point in time? Then complete the rules with Present perfect or past simple.

  • 1.He wrote his first book when he was five years old.
  • 2.When he was five years old.
  • 3.When she was three.
  • 4.Top 3 European orchestras.


  • past simple.
  • present perfect.

2. Complete the pairs of sentences. Use the past simple and the present perfect of the verbs.

  • 1. win
    • Has, won
    • Won
  • 2. meet
    • Has, met
    • Mum, met
  • 3. do
    • I have done
    • did
  • 4. record
    • recorded
    • have recorded
  • 5. live
    • have lived
    • lived
  • 6. sign
    • has, singed
    • signed
  • 1. Which of these can you sign?
    • a contract
    • an autograph
  • 2. Which of these things can you write?
    • a novel
    • a song
  • 3. Which of these things can you do?
    • something
  • 4. Which of these things can you win?
    • a prize
    • a competition
  • 5. Which of these can you make?
    • friends
    • a cake
  • 6. Which of these can you miss?
    • your family
    • the bus

2. What verbs can go before the six words you didn’t cicle in Exercise 1? Write at least one verb for each word?

  • party – go party
  • degree – get a degree
  • homework – my sister doing her homework
  • future – think about future
  • a good time – have a good time whit my friends
  • an exhibition – create an exhibition

Write a short passage about someone you have admired for some time. Include

. How long you have known them.

I know about them for 3 years.

. What you admire about them.

Someone I admire is my favorit muzic band it’s BTS. The group has seven years old. The group members are from South Korea. They’re smart and so attractive. they’re producers, musicians, actors and a good famous, I love they’re music, I was they’r fan 3 years. They’re music is motivational and makes me happy.


  • 1. There is going to be a new cafe in the park.
  • 2.Luke thinks the cafe should open Paul Norris.
  • 3.Ryan thinks Paula Mayberry should open the café.

«Think 2» Workbook

4. Match the questions and answers.

  • 1. d
  • 2. f
  • 3. a
  • 4. c
  • 5. e

5. Complete the conversation. Use the present perfect or past simple and the information in brackets.

Have you tidied your room?

  • Yes, I did it yesterday.
    • Have you taken the dog out?
  • Yes, I did it before lunch.
    • Have you washed your bike?
  • Yes, I washed it one Friday.
    • Did you phone Jim?
  • I phoned him this morning, but the didn’t answer.
    • Did you watch your new DVD?
  • Yes, I watched it last night.

6. Complete the text. Use the present perfect or past simple of the verbs in the list. You can use some verbs more than once.

has done, was, lived, has lived, didn’t finish, has done, has been, has worked, stopped, had, looked, has, bought, hasn’t learned.

Correct the following sentences.

  • My brother has not had a summer job yet.
  • I have already learned to drive.
  • My friends and I have just been on holiday.
  • Have you bought your mum a birthday present yet?
  • The singer has already released five albums.
  • I have just finished writing my blog for this week.

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