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My school Trips

On January 13, we traveled to Ashtarak together with the founding director Mr. Bleyan. Miss. Azniv and Miss. Julie were with us. We left by bus in the morning. We were traveling on the road adjacent to the newly built north-south highway, as it has not been put into operation yet. It is true that we met Miss. Azniv in Ashtarak, near the statue of Nerser Ashtaraketsi, but then we started the joint march from the square. We learned about many things and discussed them together with Mr. Bleyan. We discussed how to change fences, stone houses and recreation areas. We crossed the bridge over the Kasakh River. I must say that I liked the sound of the river very much, because hearing it reigned inside me. We visited Spitakavor, Karmravor and Tsiranavor churches

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